Global CE Day is a worldwide celebration recognizing the important contributions of clinical engineers to the improvement of world population's health and wellness. It occurs annually on October 21st.

During this day, global advocacy events aim at educating and raising awareness for the expertise and the benefits that CEs bring to the healthcare delivery systems by addressing challenges associated with development and utilization of safe, effective, accessible, and affordable technology.

Through global collaboration, networking and sharing between CEs about current technology management successes and barriers more rapid knowledge dissemination, better technology management models are created and actions are more impactful. The goal is safer and better prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation processes that are technology-dependent. Where the benefactor of it all is population health and health system budgets.

In coordination with international organizations such as IFMBE, and World Health Organization (WHO) as well as with regional associations, specific examples of CE contributions are being collected and posted on this and other websites. These examples included provisioning of new medical services where not offered previously, use of safer clinical tools, improve medical chronic disease conditions with instrumentation, more accurate medical data with better technology assessment and maintenance, better patient outcomes with availability of more rapid response, saving lives after disaster with the use of telemedicine, and better use of equipment donations through appropriate deployment of technology management programs.