Exciting update!
The 2nd Global Clinical Engineering Day will be celebrated on October 21, 2017
Plan to submit your region update, video and stories.
This event recognizing the important contributions of clinical engineers around the world will be live this day for 24 hours around the world.
Tell your colleagues, friends, policy makers and neighbors about this and plan to join the celebration
More detailed information to follow.
Events - http://global.icehtmc.com/
See the following Events; your comments welcome using #GlobalCEDay

Global CE Day Master Schedule - October 21, 2016

Country Type Program Local Program time Key Leaders Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) World Clock LINK TO PROGRAM RECORDINGS
China First Global CE Day Congress, Beijing 9 am – 6 pm Zhou Dan, Yadin David, China Medical Device Journal Press 1 am – 10 am Watch Video
India Global CE Day, Delhi 9:30 am – 1:30 pm Jitendar Sharma, MOH, AMTZ 4:00 – 8:00 am Watch Video
Australia Virtual Webinar, Adelaide 7 pm Adrian Richards 8:30 - 9:30 am Watch Video
UK Virtual Webinar, Warwick Noon Dan Clark, George Dempsey, Jay Mangat, Abdul Basit 11 am - Noon Watch Video
Ethiopia Virtual Webinar, Addis Ababa 3 pm Mulugeta Mideksa, MOH 12 Noon – 1 pm
1200 - 1300
Watch Video
Italy / Albania Virtual Webinar, Rome/Tirana 3 pm Lorenzo Leogrande AIIC Italy, Ledina Picari, MOH Albania 1 - 2 pm
coming soon...
Brazil Virtual Webinar, Sao Paolo Noon Lucio F. Brito, Saide Calil 2 – 3 pm
coming soon...
USA East Virtual Webinar East Coast Noon EDT Petr Kresta, ACCE 4 - 5 pm
Watch Video
Peru Virtual Webinar, Lima 1:00 pm Rossana Rivas, Luis Vilcahuamán, CENGETS 6 -7 pm
Download Presentation Slides
Download Translated Summary
Watch Video
USA West Virtual Webinar, West Coast Noon PDT Petr Kresta, ACCE 7 - 8 pm
Watch Video
Mexico Virtual Webinar, Mexico City 3 pm Roberto Ayala 8 - 9 pm
Watch Video

Key Links
View your choice of the following ... http://global.icehtmc.com/

Global CE Day Social Media
  • We created a Twitter account for IFMBE CED CED #GlobalCEDay and launched the hashtag, #GlobalCEDay be used as a back-channel for the Global CE Day on October 21.
  • Many Twitter users included this hashtag in their tweets while commenting the events; you are invited to check out all the many tweets around the globe and to keep commenting now.
  • Materials have been gathered from 30 countries in preparation for this Global CE Day celebration; we are looking for ways to share access to this great information.