Global CE Day Master Schedule - October 21, 2016
Events -
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Country Type Program Local Program time Key Leaders Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) World Clock Link to recordings
China First Global CE Day Congress, Beijing 9 am – 6 pm Zhou Dan, Yadin David, China Medical Device Journal Press 1 am – 10 am Official compiled video to be uploaded
India Global CE Day, Delhi 9:30 am – 1:30 pm Jitendar Sharma, MOH, AMTZ 4:00 – 8:00 am India Link
Australia Virtual Webinar, Adelaide 7 pm Adrian Richards 8:30 - 9:30 am Australia Link
UK Virtual Webinar, Warwick Noon Dan Clark, George Dempsey, Jay Mangat, Abdul Basit 11 am - Noon UK Link
Ethiopia Virtual Webinar, Addis Ababa 3 pm Mulugeta Mideksa, MOH 12 Noon – 1 pm
1200 - 1300
Ethiopia Link
Italy / Albania Virtual Webinar, Rome/Tirana 3 pm Lorenzo Leogrande AIIC Italy, Ledina Picari, MOH Albania 1 - 2 pm
Italy/Albania Link
Brazil Virtual Webinar, Sao Paolo Noon Lucio F. Brito, Saide Calil 2 – 3 pm
To be uploaded
USA East Virtual Webinar East Coast Noon EDT Petr Kresta, ACCE 4 - 5 pm
ACCE East Coast Link
Peru Virtual Webinar, Lima 1:00 pm Rossana Rivas, Luis Vilcahuamán, CENGETS 6 -7 pm
To be uploaded
USA West Virtual Webinar, West Coast Noon PDT Petr Kresta, ACCE 7 - 8 pm
ACCE West Coast Link
Mexico Virtual Webinar, Mexico City 3 pm Roberto Ayala 8 - 9 pm
Mexico Link

Key Links
If no event at this time, view your choice of the following Global CE Day Videos at

Social Media
  • We have created a Twitter account for IFMBE CED CED #GlobalCEDay and launched the hashtag, #GlobalCEDay be used as a back-channel for the Global CE Day on October 21.
    Hopefully many Twitter users will start including this hashtag in their tweets while commenting the events.
  • Global CE Day closing video link
  • Event recordings, additional video and pictures to be posted to this site soon.
  • Materials have been gathered from over 20 countries in preparation for this Global CE Day celebration.