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Expression of gratitude

Dear Global Clinical Engineering Advisory Group Member :

One of the unknown contributor to the progress of global health and wellness services is the clinical/biomedical engineer. As engineers practicing in the healthcare system, we have seen firsthand how innovative technologies benefit patients. Yet, without competent technology management programs these benefits do not fully materialized. Together, we have volunteered to take action to change this.

We did this through achievement of global participation and collaboration to advance recognition for these unknown contributors. We passionately engaged in an international project that became a reality last year during the first International Clinical Engineering and Health Technology Management Congress in Hangzhou, China. Our goal was to search for and identify positive impact on patients outcomes expressed in success stories resulting from appropriate management of health care technology, validate them and widely distribute itin a form of White Paper.

This White Paper and the supporting evidence are attached here for your education and further dissemination and will be posted at http://global.icehtmc.com/. This White Paper is also being submitted to the World Assembly of the World Health Organization this month and will be available to all of the Ministry of Health of country members. We are making arrangements to continue the collection of success stories through this website.

I express great gratitude and pride of all that you do, and have done, to bring this project to such a high summit that will shine recognition of your talents and role in the continues evolution of Health services around the world.

Thank you,
Yadin David, Project chairman